McAlister Hall

Student Housing — Charleston, SC

Completed in 2002, Marcia K. McAlister Hall is located at 80 Saint Philip Street on the College of Charleston campus. Named after Anthony McAlister’s mother, the residence hall occupies the majority of the city block between Vanderhorst Street and Calhoun Street. The building site totals approximately 3.5 acres. The modern six-story 150,000 square foot student housing community accommodates 530 beds. Each suite includes two to three bedrooms, two to three bathrooms and living room with a kitchenette and is shared by four to six students depending on the size of the unit. The building includes a Student Study Room/Library, adjacent dining facilities along with a 671-space parking deck that is located directly across the street. The parking deck was built in conjunction with the dormitory to alleviate some of the parking issues that arise when students park vehicles for extended periods of time in nearby neighborhoods. The deck currently has 245 spaces reserved for students, with the remainder available for faculty and staff parking, as well as for the general public. Einstein’s Bagels coffee shop is located on the ground level of McAlister Hall and provides students with a place to meet and study.