McAlister Management Company offers a wide range of property management services. The company’s expertise in managing properties include all types of property management from student housing, commercial, and residential properties. With a background in property development and construction, McAlister Management Company offers high quality management for all property types.

In addition to property management, McAlister Management Company works with property owners in managing Home Owners Associations and Horizontal Property Regimes for condominium complexes and residential assets. Association management requires very close observation of the building’s maintenance and upkeep to ensure quality in value, appearance, and satisfaction of the property owners. Commercially, management services include properties ranging from retail, office, and structured parking decks.

Despite the asset class, professional services provided by the company staff include detailed accounting practices, budgeting, staffing, and payroll. Members of the staff are always licensed, bonded and insured, and maintenance staffs are on-call and available 24 hours daily for all needs and emergencies.

McAlister Management Company personally contracts all vendors and services directly. By managing the hiring process, McAlister Management Company maximizes the highest quality vendors and requests proposals from only the most reputable companies. From insurance to landscaping to maintenance, the company ensures that properties are maintained to the highest standard and that the property owners are fully satisfied with all services provided.


McAlister Development Company (MDC) has an extensive track record of business ventures that merge the public realm with the private sector. Whether collaborating with local government/ municipal entities OR working with university/ college institutions, MDC has a proven background of successful projects.

The needs of the public institution can certainly vary, and the role of the private sector can be many. While each project will have its own unique needs and circumstances, the role of the private sector is to cater to those needs and execute in a nimble, effective, and efficient manner. The services the private sector can provide are: Consultant, Construction Management (horizontal and vertical), Property Management, and Equity Owner. These services are customized for each project and can be utilized separately or combined as determined by the project needs and objectives.

The primary benefit of the public-private partnership is the segregation of expertise. The public sector knows what it needs and the private sector knows how to navigate the complexities of project development and guarantee prompt delivery of a successful project. The advantages of utilizing the private sector are numerous; and experience in deal structure, finance, design, construction, execution, and management is invaluable. These advantages result in successful projects that are delivered: on a quicker timeline, at lower costs, with greater financial flexibility, with more efficient decision making, with greater accountability, and with experienced execution, to name a few. A partnership with the private sector can realize tremendous benefit for the public institution as projects can proceed off the institution’s balance sheet as well as minimizing risk to credit rating and/ or debt limits.

Campus Technologies was formed in 2001 as a high-speed Internet service provider for residential networks at colleges and universities. Today, we are your single source provider for network design, installation, monitoring, infrastructure support, and end-user support.

Managing student and infrastructure support is a large-scale, complex undertaking that requires broad, yet specific knowledge and skills. In many cases, that means hiring a number of companies. So rather than focus on one area of expertise, our team of professionals is well versed and experienced in a wide range of networking disciplines such as design and installation, bandwidth management and traffic shaping, as well as security and monitoring to save you time and money. With Campus Technologies handling the everyday responsibilities required to manage a student network, you are free to focus your time and resources on other core projects. And with Campus Technologies managing your network, you can eliminate the financial uncertainties that come with the increasing demand for bandwidth, new/replacement equipment and turnover costs. We also utilize the latest bandwidth management applications to block illegal file sharing, which significantly limits exposure to copyright infringement lawsuits.

After designing, configuring and installing your network, Campus Technologies will be responsible for providing student and network support. We provide superior customer support to your students, including a support infrastructure capable of rapid expansion and restriction to accommodate heavy traffic during move-in periods and leaner summer months.

McAlister Preferred Properties is a real estate brokerage firm located in the Old Village area of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina – the oldest and most historic neighborhood in the Town of Mt. Pleasant. The company emphasizes and practices a business model based on relationships and quality service. The agents at McAlister Preferred Properties value building trust and confidence from clients, and maintaining close contact long after the transaction process is complete.

The company’s core business focuses on residential real estate sales. The sales staff at McAlister Preferred Properties are all long-time residents, many of whom have called Mt. Pleasant and Charleston home for entire lifetimes. McAlister Preferred Properties services the Charleston metro and coastal areas from the beaches to historic downtown Charleston and the suburbs in between. Agents offer unique perspective and insight on the local real estate market attributable to information gained from affiliate companies – McAlister Development Company and McAlister Management Company.

Through firsthand exposure to all aspects of real estate, the agents of McAlister Preferred Properties can use available resources and expertise to aggressively represent of company clients. Charleston is a delightful location in which to live and work with all its many amenities and lifestyle benefits, and the agents of McAlister Preferred Properties want to share their passion for the area with their clients in every transaction.

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