Liberty Street Residence Hall

Mixed Use, Student Housing — Charleston, SC

Liberty Street Residence Hall was completed in 2007 as a component of the project which includes George Street Apartments and retail, Campus Center parking deck, and Liberty Street Dining Hall. Located above the dining hall, the building contains 102,500 heated square feet and provides 439 beds for College of Charleston students. Liberty Street is centrally located to most university buildings and is used to house freshmen during their first year in Charleston. The six-story dorm features two separate two-level community rooms for studying and socializing. A game room and home theater is located on a balcony overlooking the community space. Security is provided through a multi-zone fire alarm system, digital security camera system, and a 24-hour security desk. Laundry facilities and study rooms are located on alternating floors throughout the dormitory. Each residential room is arranged “community style” with each bedroom housing two students with a small study room along with a bathroom that is shared by adjoining rooms. Also, each grouping of rooms is provided a small refrigerator and microwave that are shared by occupants of the bedrooms. The Liberty Street Residence Hall was built with a specific purpose of enhancing the freshman experience by facilitating social and academic interaction among freshmen students while simultaneously providing a secure residential lifestyle.