George Street Apartments

Mixed Use, Student Housing — Charleston, SC

George Street Apartments was completed in 2007 as a component of the project which includes Liberty Street Residence Hall and dining, Campus Center parking deck, and George Street retail space. Located above the George Street retail, the George Street Apartments offer student housing for 199 College of Charleston upperclassmen. The building is comprised of 55 separate apartment dwellings and targets older students by providing apartment-style living as an alternative to the typical dormitory experience. Each upperclassmen apartment features a common social and kitchen area with private bedrooms extending off the central area with each having three to five bedrooms and one to two bathrooms. The 95,000 square foot structure extends vertically with a central open-air courtyard. As it is located across the street from the center of campus and close to most of Charleston’s retail and dining activity, this option for upperclassmen has proven to be effective in keeping these older students on campus rather than in rental houses and apartments off-campus throughout surrounding City neighborhoods. As a result, students enjoy larger living space and a sense of independence while simultaneously centralizing students in pedestrian-friendly locations outside of the private and permanent residential sections of town.