Campus Technologies

Campus Technologies was formed in 2001 as a high-speed Internet service provider for residential networks at colleges and universities. Today, we are your single source provider for network design, installation, monitoring, infrastructure support, and end-user support.

Managing student and infrastructure support is a large-scale, complex undertaking that requires broad, yet specific knowledge and skills. In many cases, that means hiring a number of companies. So rather than focus on one area of expertise, our team of professionals is well versed and experienced in a wide range of networking disciplines such as design and installation, bandwidth management and traffic shaping, as well as security and monitoring to save you time and money. With Campus Technologies handling the everyday responsibilities required to manage a student network, you are free to focus your time and resources on other core projects. And with Campus Technologies managing your network, you can eliminate the financial uncertainties that come with the increasing demand for bandwidth, new/replacement equipment and turnover costs. We also utilize the latest bandwidth management applications to block illegal file sharing, which significantly limits exposure to copyright infringement lawsuits.

After designing, configuring and installing your network, Campus Technologies will be responsible for providing student and network support. We provide superior customer support to your students, including a support infrastructure capable of rapid expansion and restriction to accommodate heavy traffic during move-in periods and leaner summer months.