Student Housing

Anthony McAlister formed McAlister Development Company in 1990 with the purchase of a modest, 4- unit building in downtown Charleston in close proximity to the College of Charleston. During his days as a student at the College, Mr. McAlister began to understand and appreciate the need for quality student housing opportunities. In addition, there was a continuing friction between local residents and College of Charleston students, as neighborhood houses and apartments acted as dorms for students with nowhere else to turn.

With the success of the small quadplex secured, Mr. McAlister initiated a plan to broaden the student housing options for students at the College of Charleston. Despite the challenges of a poor economy, a skeptical neighborhood, and protective City policies, Mr. McAlister pursued a broader agenda of curing the student housing issues in Charleston. Since then, the student housing efforts have helped to concentrate the boundaries of the College of Charleston’s footprint and positively impact the surrounding neighborhoods throughout downtown Charleston. Students now live in a more cohesive student environment, closer to campus in well-built and maintained residential units. Through the development and construction of The Kelly House, McAlister Hall, George Street Apartments, Liberty Street Residence Hall, and Campus Center Apartments, McAlister Development Company has developed over 1,450,000 square feet of vertical construction related to student housing with nearly 1,823 student beds, along with over 1,065 associated structured parking spaces.