Commercial / Retail

As Charleston is one of the most historic and picturesque cities in the country, great time and attention has been taken to ensure that the projects developed by McAlister Development Company will stand the test of time by aging gracefully, along with the rest of town. The vast majority of McAlister Development Company’s commercial development projects have been in the form of its Mixed Use development and public- private undertakings. These projects range from various retail projects to public parking decks.

As parking is a limited commodity in downtown Charleston, demand for vertical structured parking has provided a welcomed and obvious choice for development. These parking projects include independent, free standing parking structures as well as public parking blended with residential, retail and commercial uses.

A critical component of a parking project is to design an aesthetically pleasing structure. Creating a functional and demanded structure without compromising architectural design that blends into the historical fabric of downtown Charleston has offered some of the most exciting challenges to the team at McAlister Development Company. The company goes to great lengths to build a finished product that blends with the existing architecture and streetscape.